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Carport in the garden?

When it comes to protecting a car or storing it safely, the carport has recently played an interesting role. As a cheap, yet extremely practical alternative to the garage, it is possible to build a carport. As a rule, wood is used as building material, which can be set up very quickly.
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Bedding plants

Japanese grape - cultivation and care

The Japanese grape is very tasty, but still quite unknown in this country. Read here how to properly grow and care for them. Japanese grapes are similar to raspberries The vitamin C-rich, shiny red fruit of the Japanese grapes is very similar in appearance to the blackberries or
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Build a hot stone yourself in 6 steps

Many gardeners like it to gently ripple in the garden. You need either a pond, a fountain, a stream or a hot stone. Since the first three options are very nice, but are usually more expensive and involve more effort, the hot stone is one option that you should take a closer look at.
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Ideas & inspiration

Water the lawn properly - how it works!

Best watering in the morning The lawn suffers from dryness, especially in midsummer. It is therefore important that you know how to properly water the lawn. Many a “garden lover” then takes the garden hose or an irrigation system and lets the ice-cold water trickle onto the already damaged lawn, preferably while the sun is still high in the sky.
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