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Fighting aphids with garlic - 3 options presented

Fighting aphids with garlic - 3 options presented

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You should never use chemical agents to control aphids. You can do it naturally. So you can e.g. Fight aphids with garlic.

Aphids can be controlled with garlic

Chemical pesticides simply have no business in the garden. Better protect the environment and use organic pesticides and home remedies that have been effective for many years. Many plant pests - especially the aphids that are frequently encountered - make e.g. a wide arc around garlic. You should make use of this knowledge and thus fight the small annoying pests in a biological way. You have several options for this.

Use garlic against aphids - 3 possibilities presented

Possibility 1 - stick garlic into the ground:

To effectively combat aphids, you can, for example, put a single clove of garlic in the soil in the immediate vicinity of the affected plant. Incidentally, this can also be easily done with container plants.

Option 2 - tie garlic leaves around plant stems:

The second variant is more for the case when only a single plant is infected by aphids. Then you can tie the leaves of the young garlic around the affected stem.

Option 3 - make garlic brew:

Furthermore, you can also make a so-called garlic brew. Finely chop about 100 grams of cloves of garlic and pour about 3 liters of boiling water over them. After about 30 minutes you can then filter the brew. Then pour the cold water solution into a spray bottle and spray the affected plants with it. Repeat this process several times if necessary.

" Tip:

You can also use garlic brew for maggot and mite infestation as well as for caterpillars and snails. So it can be worth it every year if you plant garlic in your garden.