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First autumn weeks in the garden

First autumn weeks in the garden

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When autumn arrives, it does not mean that the gardening season has ended. Here's what you can do in the first few weeks of autumn.

With September, autumn is slowly coming again and it is getting colder. If you want to plant plants now, this is the last option. The floor is still warm, but already moist.

Chrysanthemums - the perfect late bloomers

Most flowers will be out of bloom at the beginning of September, but chrysanthemums are only just beginning to come in motion, They are therefore ideally suited to experience the colorful blooms again, whether in the garden or as a container plant for balcony (pot chrysanthemums) or terrace. When buying the plants, it is best to take specimens that still have many buds. These will open in the next few days and will bloom until the end of November with good care.

Ornamental cabbage likes the cold days

You can also put the ornamental cabbage in the first weeks of autumn. He really likes the cold, because the colder the nights, the more intense his colors (violet, white, pink). In combination with the colorful autumn leaves, the ornamental cabbage brings back an optical touch of spring. For this to work, the ornamental cabbage needs a sunny location and a compost-rich soil. The ornamental cabbage can remain in place until winter, but when the temperature is below 15 degrees, its limits are also reached.

Wait with cold protection measures

Even if it gets significantly colder in autumn, you should not take cold protection measures too early. Plants need the light, the fresh air and most even survive the first frost unscathed. As soon as the nights become significantly colder, you have to take measures. Hardy bulbs can also stay outside in the pot, but they should be protected from moisture.


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