Bedding plants

Plant hardy plants in autumn

Plant hardy plants in autumn

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Heather is e.g. hardy

In the period between September and December you can already prepare the new gardening season hardy plants use. Shrubs and trees can now also be placed in the ground, provided that the ground has not yet frozen.

Ideal growth conditions

The soil now offers protection so that the plants can develop sufficient roots. Autumn temperatures and high humidity are ideal growth conditions. The frequent rainfall also allows the plant to tackle very well in the soil. The perennials and shrubs have thus gathered enough strength to sprout vigorously in the spring.

The right floor is important

In advance, however, you should think carefully about where to use the respective plants. Almost all plants of this variety thrive in clay soils. Nevertheless, the conditions when planting should be adapted to the requirements of the plant.

Generally speaking, sandy soils cannot store water and nutrients well, although some plants also manage well here. The soil must not be too dry when planted. The light requirements of the plants should also be taken into account.

Deciduous plants can also be planted at this time when they have already lost their leaves.