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Fertilize ginger - that's how it's done

Fertilize ginger - that's how it's done

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It is aromatic, healthy and is even used as a remedy: the ginger. In this article we explain to you how it is properly fertilized.

Ginger is very easy to care for

The ginger is not exactly the plant that is found in most households. And when it is often just dried (reading tip: drying ginger - 2 options presented) or as tea. But in recent years she seems to have done something about it, because more and more people are discovering this Asian plant for themselves and growing ginger themselves. Not least because the ginger tastes great and is a great remedy for a wide variety of complaints, but because it doesn't even need a garden to grow it. Ginger is also great as a houseplant.

For the harvest of large ginger bulbs, however, the right care is the be-all and end-all. We'll explain a little more about how this should look.

Important: Always pour ginger correctly

In itself, the plant is actually quite frugal and easy to care for. You just have to make sure that the soil always stays nice and moist and that you use rainwater to water it. This is important because the ginger doesn't get lime as well. However, it is essential to avoid waterlogging when watering, as this could cause the root ball to rot.

How to properly fertilize your ginger

➤ Fertilize ginger grown as a houseplant:

You don't really need to fertilize your ginger. So it is not a must, but this will make the ginger bulbs stronger and less susceptible to pests. If you have now decided to fertilize the ginger, then you should not do it in the first year. Only in the coming spring / summer should you give a liquid fertilizer for the first time. But then only in very weak doses. It is best to add the liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water.

➤ Fertilize ginger grown in the garden:

If you grow the ginger in the garden, then you should not supply it with liquid fertilizer, but preferably with mature compost. That gets him the best. However, since there is hardly any potassium in the compost, you should also use some of it. For example, we can recommend the NEUDORFF Azet vital potash fertilizer (available here), because you can use it in the entire garden.