Boil carrots - explained step by step

Boil carrots - explained step by step

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The preservation of vegetables can be considerably extended by boiling down. Read here how you can cook carrots in particular.

Boiled carrots can be kept for up to 12 months

You can now buy many types of fruit and vegetables from us, even in the winter months. As a result, boiling has lost some of its importance because it also involves a certain amount of work. But especially in winter, a carrot salad made from boiled tubers tastes particularly delicious.

Especially if you grow carrots in your own garden, you should also deal with preservation by boiling down. We explain in detail how to boil down in a step-by-step guide.

Step by step instructions for boiling down carrots

Step 1: clean carrots

When the carrots come from their own garden, they often have a lot of dirt attached to them. That is why they are first thoroughly cleaned under running water and then removed from the bowl with a peeler. Remove the ends and then immediately put the carrots in a bowl of water. So the beautiful color is preserved.

Step 2: prepare mason jars

Rinse the mason jars carefully with hot water and have the appropriate sealing rings ready.

Step 3: prepare carrots

Take the carrots out of the water and cut them into cubes or slices, baby carrots can also be boiled down completely. It is best to blanch the carrots for two more minutes, then they will keep longer. (Reading tip: Blanch carrots - quick & easy) You can also cook them for a maximum of five minutes. In any case, the vegetables should be immediately quenched with cold water.

Step 4: heat water

You can boil down either in the oven in a water bath or in a special saucepan. You should already preheat the water to 80 degrees.

Step 5: pour carrots into the preserving jars

After draining, put the blanched carrots in the prepared mason jars. Now salted water is boiled up and the filled glasses are filled with it. However, you should leave about two centimeters of space to the edge of the glasses.

" Tip: You can also pour boiling water over the carrots, then add a pinch of salt and then close the jars.

Step 6: increase water temperature

Before you then start to close the jars, the temperature of the water is set higher so that a temperature of 100 degrees is reached for boiling. In any case, the water must be so high that the glasses are completely covered.

Step 7: close the jars

After filling the mason jars, place the rubber seals on the edges and close them carefully with the lid.

Step 8: duration of cooking

How long you boil the carrots depends on several factors. With young carrots that you put in the jars as a whole, you have to count on a good two hours. For carrots cut into pieces, around 90 minutes are usually sufficient. After the time has elapsed, let the glasses stand a little longer in the water. Then take it out and place a towel over it.

Although the cooked carrots have a very long shelf life, you should consume them within 12 months!


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