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Build your own Indian tent - video instructions

Build your own Indian tent - video instructions

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Many children dream of being an Indian once. Why don't we just make the wish come true ?! In the trade there are tents, tipi's & co. En mass. But either they are completely overpriced or they look artificial. So what does that mean? Build yourself, of course! 😉

Admittedly, the materials for a homemade teepee are not exactly cheap, but the fun the kids have while assembling makes up for it, doesn't it? The Hörder family optimally illustrated in the video what exactly is needed and how you can build a real Indian tent yourself. I would like to jump up straight away and go to the hardware store to find all the utensils.

This project is certainly great fun for young and old. Not to mention the upcoming adventures of the Indians. 🙂

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