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Sunflower - sowing and care

Sunflower - sowing and care

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Sowing should take place until mid-April

The sunflower is a daisy family and is particularly popular in the gardens in summer. The plant can reach a height of up to three meters and has a very special flower that can be seen from afar. Thanks to the small yellow leaves, it doesn't bear its name for nothing.

You can sow a sunflower over the small seeds that you get from the plant in autumn. The kernels are also a good bird feed for the winter. The plant feels most comfortable on a nutrient-rich humus soil. It also pulls a lot of poisons out of the ground, which means that it is often sown for cleaning.

Water and fertilize regularly
The sunflower is a very thirsty plant, so you should water it regularly and also fertilize it at regular intervals.

Sowing until mid-April
Sowing has to take place until mid-April and after only one week you can already see a small plant from the seeds.


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