Sick berry bushes need radical cuts

Sick berry bushes need radical cuts

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If berry bushes such as currants, gooseberries or raspberries are heavily infested with gall mites or if the mildew or the rod disease was active, then it is sick berry bushes and they need you radically cut.

Discard cut shoots immediately
Radical means that the berry bushes have to be cut down to the ground. Only with this intensive pruning can the harmful organisms be switched off. After the cut, it is important that the cut shoots are really destroyed or at least completely removed from the garden. It is best to immediately dispose of the cut in the garbage can.

Make sure that the soil is in good condition
Even if the method is radical, berry bushes can usually cope with this radical cut very well, and the rejuvenation in the following year and the good fruit level usually confirm this. Gooseberry powdery mildew can be prevented simply by choosing the location of the plant. Care should be taken to ensure that the soil is in good condition at the same time.

Ensure sufficient soil moisture
The root area in the top soil area should be mixed with a lot of humus and have good ventilation. Adequate soil moisture is also important, as dryness promotes mildew infestation. Over-fertilization should also be avoided. The plants are often satisfied with grass clippings, which form a mulch cover, so that sufficient nitrogen is formed for the plant supply.