Care and planting time of dahlias

Care and planting time of dahlias

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Dahlias are very sensitive to frost. So you have to wait for the right time to plant. Then a few maintenance measures are necessary to ensure that the dahlia thrives.

Dahlias are available in a wide variety of colors and flower shapes. So there is always a variety that also fits in your garden. No matter whether you have a Japanese or French garden or a cottage garden. The best thing about this plant is that it not only has that certain something, but is also easy to care for and uncomplicated. You don't have to pay too much attention when planting or caring for dahlias.

How to plant dahlias properly

❍ Location:

Dahlias love sunny locations. Unfortunately, they only develop long stems and weak flowers in the shade. It is important that you choose a sheltered place in the garden. However, do not plant the dahlias in front of a wall that radiates heat.

❍ substrate:

Dahlias prefer a loose and slightly damp soil. The water must be able to drain optimally. Under no circumstances should waterlogging occur, because then the dahlia grows very weakly and can even rot.

❍ Planting time:

The dahlia is a very frost sensitive plant. So gardeners regularly advise that this plant should only be planted outside after the ice saints, because then the risk of frost is very low. An earlier start into the outdoor area is also possible. In general, dahlias are allowed to move outside at the end of April. The new shoot that is already taking place must then be well protected. Here is a thick mulch, which you best weigh down with some brushwood.

You can also prefer the dahlias. To do this, you must temporarily plant the dahlia in a plastic sack. An old potting soil bag is ideal as a temporary place to live for the dahlia, especially since it also has optimal stability. But a flower pot is also well suited for pulling forward. Plastic sacks or flower pots and dahlias are now either in the greenhouse or in the frost-free cold frame.

How to properly care for dahlias

❍ casting:

Dahlias don't need a lot of water. They also survive dry periods very well. Waterlogging or permanent wetness are poison for the plant. It is best to water the dahlias only if the drought persists and then from below.

❍ Fertilize:

Dahlias don't need a lot of fertilizer. It is actually enough if you supply the dahlias with compost, horn meal or horn shavings while planting.

❍ cutting:

You only have to use the scissors for dahlias when the flowering period is over. Otherwise, you only have to remove dead flowers regularly.

❍ Wintering:

Since dahlias are very sensitive to frost, you have to bring them indoors during the winter. Proceed as follows:

  1. Cut the stems back to about 20 centimeters.
  2. Take the bulbs out of the soil and let them dry.
  3. Then store the tubers in a frost-free but cool (4 - 10 ° C).

“Overwinter dahlias
Once the bulbs have made it through the winter, you can plant them back in the garden in spring.

By the way:
If you want to have more dahlias in the garden, you can also multiply them. Find out how to do it right here.


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