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Plant ground cover and cover bare spots

Plant ground cover and cover bare spots

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Cranesbill - A popular ground cover

There are places in every garden that are either not particularly attractive because they may be in the shade and do not grow very much there - this is often the case under trees, or because weeds sprout in open spaces. To avoid this, you can Plant ground cover.

Ground cover grows where nothing else grows
First of all, these plants are very easy to care for, often grow in the most impossible places, precisely where nothing else grows, and above all they grow quickly. Many even proliferate or climb trees, creating even more visual stimuli.

Ground cover as a weed killer
And as a positive side effect, you cover the entire floor and don't even allow weeds. By the way, there are not only green contemporaries in the ground cover, but also those that bloom beautifully.

Give it a try, you will be amazed and their otherwise bare places will shine in new splendor. Evergreen, ivy, cranesbill and also the very pretty gold strawberry are suitable.