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Ornamental lilies reproduce with offshoots

Ornamental lilies reproduce with offshoots

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Ornamental lilies can easily be propagated by offshoots

With their high flowers, they decorate every apartment, every winter garden and every terrace. Agapanthus are beautiful and get flowers in July that bloom on tall stems, often over a meter high. That is impressive. If the jewelry lilies are doing well, they will grow and form themselves offshoot.

You can tell that when you suddenly find two plants in the same pot. This is very nice on the one hand, but on the other hand you should then share the lilies. Because everyone can develop the strength that a healthy plant needs.

Therefore, take the saw or spade in hand in spring or autumn and divide the roots. Make two out of one. Then put the plants in a pot, which can be very narrow, because this will make the lily bloom even better. Then add gravel or grit to the earth. So the next spring, the jewelry lilies will shoot skyward again.