Tree branches from the neighboring garden hang over the fence

Tree branches from the neighboring garden hang over the fence

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If the branches of the neighbors protrude onto your own property, it is often annoying. You can find out here when you can cut off the branches and when you cannot.

When is cutting off allowed? If you don't have a solitary property, you have to get along with neighbors. This is sometimes a difficult topic, because not every neighbor behaves as it should. So rules must also be observed when planting the garden. For example, how close you can put plants to the fence. There are certain regular intervals that must be observed. Now it can happen that the neighbor maintains these distances when planting, but as the bushes and trees become larger over the years, it can happen that they protrude over the border onto your own property. What can you do in this case?

Better to talk to the neighbor
If these branches and twigs affect you, you can cut them off at the border. Interfering doesn't mean you don't like them. Then you can't. However, if this hinders the growth of your own plants, if the branches hang on your terrace and contest the space for you, or if you might want to set up a climbing frame for the children and disturb the branches, then cutting off the branches is easily permitted. Before that, however, you might want to talk to your neighbor so that you don't get in trouble.