If the pumpkin bears no fruit - 2 tips

If the pumpkin bears no fruit - 2 tips

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When the pumpkin bears no fruit

When autumn comes, everyone knows that the pumpkin season is here. Many even grow it in their own garden. Just like the zucchini, which also belongs to the pumpkins. Both varieties are very easy to care for and actually thrive in almost every garden, but it can happen that without any initiative the pumpkin bears no fruit.

You notice this quickly when the plants get flowers, but these flowers do not develop fruit buds and fade away again. Then something is wrong.

Tip 1 - fertilize
And that's where you come in. The reason for the sparse yield is mostly the soil, which lacks the fertilizer. This means that they should always loosen the soil around the pumpkin plants nicely and provide the soil with a slow-acting vegetable fertilizer (e.g. horn semolina).

Tip 2 - location sun
The plants should also stand in the sun, as they do not thrive in the shade. If you pay attention to these two small tips, you can harvest wonderful pumpkins and zucchini in autumn.