Gardening in September

Gardening in September

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When the summer comes to an end, the work will not be less. There is still a lot to do before you can relax a little more in autumn.

Our care tips for September:

  1. Do not prune faded perennials too soon. Even if the plants wither and no longer look beautiful, you should let them stand for a while. The reason: They pull the last reserves of strength from the leaves and thus strengthen themselves even more.
  2. Evergreen plants evaporate water even in winter. If you want to plant them now, you can do so until the middle of the month. Then water enough so that they have enough roots until winter to survive the winter.
  3. The last opportunity to plant imperial crowns is in mid-September. These spring flowering plants have to take root before winter so that they can also produce wonderful flowers in spring.
  4. You must not burn the garden waste, which is generated by a lot of leaves, especially in autumn. These go to the compost or to the recycling center.


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