Planting conifers - when is the best time for it?

Planting conifers - when is the best time for it?

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Mock cypresses are particularly popular in gardens

Conifers are a great change in the garden. They delight every gardener in a wide variety of shades of green. From yellow green to green blue, everything is included. And they are also completely different in size. The false cypress and juniper are particularly popular and popular for herbaceous beds.

Planting time for conifers
So that the conifers grow well, late summer or early autumn is the best time of year to plant them. You still have to root in before winter, so you shouldn't plant them too late, but not too early either, because the small plants cannot tolerate excessive heat. You also need a lot of water.

Dig out the planting hole
You have to dig out the planting hole twice as large. However, you should not put the conifer deeper into the earth than it was in the pot in the ground. Before that, you have to put the plant in a bucket of water until there are no more air bubbles. Fill the planting hole with excavated soil, which is mixed with compost. Finally, pour vigorously and create a pouring trough around the trunk.