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Getting rid of moss in the lawn - 4 tips

Getting rid of moss in the lawn - 4 tips

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Moss in the lawn can be dangerous if it covers other plants. With our tips, the moss is on the collar.

"Nothing going without moss!" Is the popular saying. However, it is undesirable in the garden, especially on the lawn. It spreads mainly in shady areas and where the soil is acidic. But it also expands when there is waterlogging or when the soil is loamy.
In all of these circumstances, moss has optimal growing conditions. Where the lawn care is neglected, the moss can spread quickly. If you see moss spreading across your lawn, act quickly.

Clean up the lawn in your garden

You can permanently remove annoying moss on the lawn by largely reducing its growth conditions. Furthermore, you should pay careful attention to lawn care, as this is the only way for a “comfortable lawn” to develop in the garden for a long time.

Spring is the best time to clean up the lawn. The lawn growth has not progressed so much and the work is easier.

Tip 1: First mow the lawn and scarify

Mowing the lawn and scarifying are essential when fighting moss -
  1. If necessary, mow your lawn at a cutting height of approximately 2 centimeters. Then scarify it (see scarifier) ​​in longitudinal and transverse paths. The floor should be carved at most 3 to 4 mm deep. In this way, the moss is plucked from the ground as best as possible and the lawn felt is loosened.
  2. Then rake the lawn thoroughly and test the pH value of your soil with a test set (see pH value soil test).
  3. If the pH value of the soil is significantly below 7, give the green area lawn lime. Pay attention to the dosage instructions according to the packaging and if possible use a spreader when spreading the lime.
  4. Scarify the lawn again after 10 days. The lime has now destroyed the remaining moss and should now be combed out.

Tip 2: moss killer only in exceptional cases

Improperly used moss killer can acidify the soil -

Once you have cleaned up the lawn and freed it from the moss, you should regularly take good care of the green area, otherwise the moss will soon sprout again and your efforts will be in vain.

The lawn cut is important. The more often the lawn is mown, the denser the turf becomes. This allows new grass shoots to form quickly and minimize free surfaces on the lawn floor. Pay attention to the cutting height. This should be at least 4 centimeters.

While mowing utility and shade lawns once a week, do the ornamental lawn twice a week.