Prune trees pruning - how to do it right

Prune trees pruning - how to do it right

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Fruit trees are ideal for medium to large gardens. Apples, pears or cherries are the most common varieties. But the plum is also welcome. So that plum trees don't get too big and always bear a lot of fruit, you should cut them properly.

Plum trees have to be cut properly

How to do it right:
The maintenance almost begins with the purchase. The middle shoot should be straight and not have more than five side shoots, which are evenly distributed, but what happens more often, many like to reach for the plum tree because they don't know the difference. So here's a little explanation again: Plums are roundish-oval and usually ripen earlier than plums. On the other hand, they have an elongated oval shape and firmer flesh than the plums. They are therefore more suitable for cooking. It is also easier to remove the stone from plums.

Prune trees cut
After planting in the first year, you don't have to cut anything on the plum tree. But then it starts in the second year. Then you need to remove any side shoots that grow deeper than half a meter above the ground. You must also cut branches that grow too steep or are too close to each other. Finally, cut off the middle shoot to about 40 cm above the highest side shoot. Branches that are too steep can also be hung with small weights to increase the angle. In the following years you only need to shorten the branches. This way your tree will also bear great and lush fruits.