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Drive birds out of the cherry tree

Drive birds out of the cherry tree

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Your cherry tree with the delicious cherries must be protected from birds! You can find out what options there are and what we recommend here.

Every hobby gardener is actually happy when the time for the cherry harvest has come. However, this joy is quickly diminished when various birds tamper with the cherries. So if you don't want to miss the delicious fruits, you have to do something.

Nobody has the time and the desire to stand under the tree all day and wave their hands as soon as a star or sparrow approaches. So alternatives have to be found! Sooner or later you will have to climb into the tree to prepare for some bird control. This action is much easier for low stem plants.

Set up scarecrow

Bird nets are most commonly used to keep birds away from the cherry tree. Anyone who has tried it knows that hanging it up is not easy. This task does not get baked alone, so look for help. The net or nets are hung over the entire tree. The more finely meshed the bird net, the less the birds have the chance to slip through it. To protect the birds, you should check every now and then whether a bird has got caught in the net, because you must not torture the animals under any circumstances!


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