Cutting wisteria properly - how it's done!

Cutting wisteria properly - how it's done!

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Wisteria, also known as wisteria, delights us with its wonderfully fragrant and beautifully looking flowers. To keep it that way, you have to cut wisteria properly.

Wisteria is a particularly powerful climber

But be careful: Those who do not regularly cut wisteria risk, on the one hand, that they start to overgrow wildly, and, on the other hand, that the number of flowers will decrease.

Cut wisteria twice
Wisteria is a real climbing artist and therefore particularly well suited as a natural roof. The wisteria is one of the few plants that need to be cut twice a year. In February or March you can prune it on three buds. However, you should only do this with the young shoots. After the summer bloom, you have to cut all the side shoots down to 20 centimeters. The wisteria is very undemanding, especially when pruning. It even tolerates a radical cure, because it keeps sprouting from the thick branches.

Powerful creeper
Since the plant wraps itself around everything, you should be careful not to contest the habitat of other plants or harm your home. Because the creeper has enormous power and can even damage gutters. To prevent this from happening, you should always place climbing aids at a distance of at least one meter from the facades so that the wisteria has no chance of destroying the gutter or even moving roof tiles.

The wisteria has such enormous strength that it would even be able to bend bars of a railing or even to detach them from their anchoring. It is therefore important that you always keep an eye on the development of the blue rain between the climbing aid and your house.