Propagate flower bushes - how it is done

Propagate flower bushes - how it is done

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We all have them in the garden and we love them warmly and intimately - the flowering shrubs. If you want to multiply your flowering shrubs, you should do that now.

Propagate flower bushes
The flower bushes include, for example, the Buddleja, also called the butterfly bush, the hazelnut or the gold bell. If you want to multiply these plants, it's very easy. To do this, you should cut healthy branches from the shrubs in autumn that are about the thickness of a finger. You must then shorten these branches to a maximum of 30 centimeters. Over the winter you have to put these branches in a box with wet sand. The storage temperature should not exceed 10 degrees. The branches do not need any light during this time either. The cellar is probably the best place to store the branches.

Plant branches
At the beginning of spring you have to put the cuttings in pots with growing soil. Make sure that at least half of the branches are covered with earth. You can also plant them directly in the bed. You always have to keep the soil moist. This is the only way to get the cuttings roots in the course of spring and also the first shoots. As you can see, it is not that difficult to reproduce flowering shrubs.