Technical terms in crop protection - what do they mean?

Technical terms in crop protection - what do they mean?

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Do you know all technical terms?

If you have to use pesticides, you should always buy them from specialist retailers. But are you also familiar with the technical terms used in crop protection?

What do the technical terms mean?
In most specialist shops and flower shops, these plant protection products are under lock and key. Nevertheless, there are also funds that are freely available on the shelf. On the other hand, it may also be the case that you want to find out about the protective agents in advance. In both cases, you will surely come across technical terms that you do not understand at first and then look up or ask the dealer what they mean - if the dealer knows anything about them. That is why we have listed the most important terms for you here.

Technical terms in crop protection:
Aphicide - kills aphids
Insecticide - kills insects (all kinds)
Larvicide - kills larvae
Acaricide - kills mites
Ovicide - kills eggs
Nematicide - kills nematodes
Fungicide - kills fungi
Herbicide - kills weeds
Molluscicide - kills mice
Rodenticide - kills rodents

You may have heard a lot of things, some things can also be deduced. But now you always have these technical terms ready and you know what they mean. For example, if you're using nematodes to kill pests, it's good to know what nematicide means. If, on top of that, you use a pesticide that has this technical term on it, you are killing the nematodes.