Make the greenhouse winter-proof - that's how it's done

Make the greenhouse winter-proof - that's how it's done

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Remember that you need to winterize your conservatory

If you have a greenhouse in the garden, you should do an all-round check before winter comes and make your greenhouse winter-proof.

Stow mobile greenhouses
Only if the greenhouse gets through the winter well can it be useful again next spring. If you have a mobile greenhouse made of plastic, you should disassemble it and store it in the house. Such greenhouses cannot withstand storms and snow.

Check foil greenhouses
Fixed greenhouses made of foil and glass houses are safe. In the case of film houses, you should check whether the film ends are still firmly anchored to the frame and the floor. After all, you don't want to get an unloved visit from rodents or snails. You should therefore always replace or repair damaged foil plates.

Renew defective glass surfaces
With glass houses, you should also check the glass surfaces and replace the seals and replace them if necessary. If you applied shading to the glass surfaces in summer, you must remove them now. Last but not least, you should now check the heaters and fill up the tanks. If you control all of these things, your greenhouse should be fit for winter.