Planting crocuses - crocuses are not just spring messengers

Planting crocuses - crocuses are not just spring messengers

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There are many different types of crocus

Crocuses are the harbinger of spring. If you plant some specific crocuses, you can enjoy their beauty all year round.

Plant crocuses
Crocuses are pretty to look at when they cheekily raise their heads out of the meadow. They are particularly beautiful when they are planted in mixed groups. Incidentally, the onions can remain in the soil all year round. Everyone knows crocuses, but did you know that there are a number of different plants that don't only bloom in spring?

January to March:
From February onwards, the Ankara crocus will raise its flowers in orange yellow. The gold lacquer crocus (yellow), the Scottish crocus (white), the Corsican crocus (lilac), the Etruscan crocus (pink), the spring crocuses (red, yellow, white, blue, purple) and followed almost at the same time the silver lacquer crocus (blue).

August to December
It continues in August with the autumn crocus, which blooms in purple until October. September is followed by the real saffron (blue-purple) and the splendid crocus (blue and white), followed by other autumn crocus varieties in white and blue. And even in the cold season, the winter crocus bridges the time with its bright colors. So it will never be boring in your garden all year round if you plant different types of crocus.