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Plant espalier fruit - this is how it's done

Plant espalier fruit - this is how it's done

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Trellis fruit ranks up every wall of the house

If the garden is very small, but you don't want to do without fruit, it is advisable to plant espalier fruit.

Trellis fruit envelops house walls
Espalier fruit ranks on every wall, even if the location may not be so favorable. It is well protected by the wall and will thrive. The disadvantage of a fruit tree is that it takes up a lot of space. Trellis fruit, on the other hand, has the advantage that it takes up little space and does not place too great demands on the floor. If you plant espalier fruit, you can wrap your house wall nicely in this way. Just try it. If you want espalier fruit, then you need a little patience.

Plant espalier fruit
First you have to choose the right tree. This should not be older than two years. Plant it in the place it is intended for. Then you have to define the structure. You must tie the lower branches to a holding device in the horizontal. There are also trees that have this shape, but they are much more expensive. And now it's time to wait, cut and tie again and again.

Cut espalier fruit
If the branches become too long, they have to be cut, several times during the season. All other, renewable branches, guide you around the frame as you like it. Either in the U-shape or only horizontally, whereby you can also vary in height here. Depending on the type of fruit, you will be able to harvest the first fruits two or three years later.


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