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Create a flower meadow - that's how it's done

Create a flower meadow - that's how it's done

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Put on a flower meadow

When winter finally gives way to spring and nature wakes up, it is still very bare in many gardens. Not if you create a flower meadow.

Plant bulbs in autumn
Only conifers and the grass are green in spring. Often, however, there is still no sign of colorful flowers, unless you have planted extra groups of flowers in the beds. If you have a large lawn, you may find it very boring right now and would like to provide some splashes of color. It’s very easy. To do this, however, you have to prepare in autumn. Then flower bulbs are planted, which then bloom beautifully in spring.

Onions can stay in the ground
Crocuses, tulips, daffodils or checkerboard flowers are ideal for adding a splash of color to the meadow. Of course, you can also put the onions together in groups, which is even more intense. Be careful not to arrange the flowers too symmetrically. The soil is simply cut out with an onion planter, the onion comes into the planting hole and the gap is closed again. The soil should be well watered in advance. In spring you can look forward to the early blooming. And best of all: the onions can stay in the ground. Warning: Only mow the lawn when the flowers have dried up.


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