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Plant vegetables in earth sacks - Here's how

Plant vegetables in earth sacks - Here's how

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So ground diseases are prevented

If you have little space in the greenhouse or conservatory, you can also plant vegetables in earth bags.

Soil diseases are prevented
If you plant vegetables in earth sacks, there is even a decisive advantage: it prevents soil diseases. It is very simple and is very quick. We have written a step-by-step guide for you so that you don't forget important things when planting the earth bags.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Take an earth sack, place it where you want it to house the plants in the future and cut several holes in the top of the sack. The openings should be cut open in a slit shape, but lengthwise it is also possible.
  2. Then the young plants are used as usual in the soil and watered well. Never put more than three plants in a sack, otherwise it will be too tight.
  3. Remember to cut slits in the sack through which the irrigation water can drain. If the slots are forgotten, the earth can become moldy.

With such an earth sack, you can also vary the location of your vegetables and change them again and again. Tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini are suitable for this type of planting. Just try it out for yourself.