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Create rose garden - step by step instructions

Create rose garden - step by step instructions

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A fragrant rose garden is not only the dream of many hobby gardeners, but is also very trendy again! With our step-by-step instructions you can create a wonderfully blooming rose garden for yourself.

Also plan seating

Step 1 - plan the rose garden

Design the rose garden creatively
Once the location question has been resolved, planning for the rose garden can begin. Due to the variety of rose varieties, it is possible for any gardener to design their own rose garden very creatively.

Plant grids on house walls, fences or special rose metal arches can be fitted with climbing roses.

The perennials offered in innumerable colors are very suitable for rose beds and ground cover roses can be planted on garden slopes without any further problems.

Plan for sidewalks and seating
There should also be enough space in the rose garden for the necessary sidewalks, so that on the one hand all rose bushes can be easily reached for maintenance, and on the other hand the rose garden also maintains its peculiarity. For this purpose, sidewalks can be created with fine pebbles or with lawn, for example. In every rose garden, seating should also be planned in order to enjoy the scent of the roses in a cozy atmosphere.

Roses love the sun
In addition, when planning a rose garden, it should be borne in mind that most roses love the sun. In the meantime, however, there are also roses for partial shade and even a few rose bushes suitable for a complete shade.

Step 2 - select rose companion

It is always recommended in specialist circles to integrate so-called rose companions in the rose garden. Lavender is very suitable for this, which also provides a pleasant fragrance. Low-growing herbaceous plants, depending on the type of rose, are particularly suitable as a rose companion. The combination of rose and boxwood is also extremely popular, which in turn can be used to vary the layout of a rose garden. And even with a tree already existing in the rose garden, a climbing rose on the trunk of the tree can often climb up easily.

Step 3 - create rose garden

Match roses well
After the planning is completed, planting the rose garden can begin. It is important to pay attention to a color harmony and the final size of the individual rose plants. In this context, however, it should also be taken into account that there are varieties of roses that bloom only once during the season, and others that in turn delight their owners with their splendor of flowers several times a year.

Plant roses
Once the plant selection has been made, the individual rose plants should be placed in a loosened soil, since roses are generally deeply rooted. For this purpose, specialist retailers even offer a special rose soil that contains all the necessary nutrients for roses, especially when they are growing. When planting, make sure that a large hole is dug out for each rose plant. Then fill in a little water, insert the plant and pile it well again with soil - lightly step on it and water it again.