Felling a tree - step by step instructions

Felling a tree - step by step instructions

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Felling a tree is easier said than done. So that nothing goes wrong, here is a step-by-step guide on how to proceed.

Felling a tree - please only in winter!

If a tree has to be felled from time to time in the garden, this should only be done in winter. If only because the growth of the tree (the so-called sap) stops in winter. This also applies to conifers. In addition, in large deciduous trees, the branches are easier to see in winter because there are no more leaves attached to them. This has the advantage that the tree can be felled more easily. In addition, no birds breed in the tree in winter.

Some municipalities and cities have a tree protection statute that regulates the felling of trees in their own garden - you must take this into account! By the way, trees can only be felled in some federal states if you have attended a chain saw course - so you need a certificate! Otherwise, you should commission a horticultural company or a forestry company with this task.

When should a tree be felled?

Is the garden too small for a big tree? Does it grow immeasurably, i.e. can't you cut it properly? Then this tree has to be felled! You should always wear appropriate protective equipment - e.g. Cut protection pants, safety shoes, helmet with hearing protection, etc.

Felling a tree - step by step instructions

If you want to cut a large tree, you should cut this piece by piece. Because if you just saw the tree off, you could do great damage in the garden.

Step 1:
First of all, you have to cut off the thick branches and remove them as soon as possible. You can e.g. bring to a green waste landfill. You can of course still use extremely thick branches as firewood. You can use brushwood from the fir trees e.g. use to cover roses. You can also use the brushwood for a beautiful winter decoration.

Step 2:
You should then remove the tree top and remove it.

Step 3:
Now saw off the tree trunk into several meter pieces. You should always fasten heavy parts with a rope and thereby secure them.

Step 4:
You can then easily process the felled tree into small wood.