Planting chrysanthemums - how it's done

Planting chrysanthemums - how it's done

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Chrysanthemums are something for both the flower pot and the flower bed. Depending on how you want to plant chrysanthemums, you should consider our tips.

Every year in late summer into autumn we are delighted by the chrysanthemum, which actually comes from Asia, in its incredibly diverse range of colors. From yellow to red and orange (autumn colors) as well as white to pink and violet, everything is included. Autumn decorations can be jazzed up because of the many color shades.

The chrysanthemum does not have to find a permanent place in the garden. You can also plant this flower in pots. We would like to introduce both options to you here.

Plant chrysanthemums in a flowerpot

Chrysanthemums are ideal for planting pots and are therefore often offered in this form in garden centers. This allows the plant to find its place on balconies, patios, in front door areas and front gardens in a sunny to moderately shady location. Chrysanthemums are flowers for particularly sunny beds or locations.

For all these purposes, the plants are available in various heights from August in many shops and garden centers at very low cost and can then display their flowers in the open pot until October, sometimes even into November.

However, you should never place the plants directly in the garden. Ideally, you should always repot the plants in nutrient-rich potting soil beforehand.

" Tip:

Cover the chrysanthemum pots with a garden fleece on frosty nights to protect them from direct frost damage!

Wintering of the potted plants:

The chrysanthemums in the pot should spend the winter in a cool, but frost-free and light-flooded room. To do this, you need to prune the plants well. From April you can then put the chrysanthemums back outdoors, where they will immediately produce fresh shoots.

Plant chrysanthemums in the garden

You can easily plant chrysanthemums directly outdoors. Chrysanthemums are particularly suitable for grave planting or grave design in winter. You just have to make sure that you plant the plants in a sunny, sheltered location, because this promotes their growth and their blooms sustainably.

It is also important that you do not plant the chrysanthemums too tightly, as this can contaminate the chrysanthemum rust. This is noticeable by greenish-white or yellow spots on the top of the leaf.

Wintering of chrysanthemums:

After flowering, you should cut back the chrysanthemums well and cover them with brushwood, leaves or a garden fleece. The flowers can then easily hibernate outdoors. In spring, the garden chrysanthemums usually sprout fresh again.

Caring for chrysanthemums - how it's done

No matter which planting variant you have chosen, the chrysanthemums must of course be properly cared for afterwards. The most important care instructions are listed here.

Pour chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemums must be kept moist, but not kept wet. So regularly put a finger in the potting soil to check if the soil is moist enough.

Fertilize chrysanthemums:

As the spring grows, you should fertilize the chrysanthemums every three to four weeks, if possible. In spring, you can also work fresh compost into the soil around the perennials.

Multiply chrysanthemums:

By dividing, you can easily multiply the chrysanthemums. This will make them grow much better or make them much bigger. Cut the flowers back moderately in early summer, then they will grow much more compact (bushy).

" Tip:

The chrysanthemum is ideal as a cut flower and stays in vases for a long time. You should not keep the chrysanthemums too warm, as this is the only way to keep cut flowers fresh for longer.


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