Setting up a terrace - 4 tips

Setting up a terrace - 4 tips

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Setting up a terrace is not difficult, because retailers have a lot of beautiful furniture here. And then pay attention to our tips, so it will be really cozy on your terrace.

Second living room: the terrace

Especially in summer, the terrace always serves as a second living room. Here you can relax, have breakfast with the whole family, ask relatives for a coffee table or party with friends until late at night. That is why you should design or furnish your terrace beautifully and choose the best garden furniture to make your stay outdoors as pleasant as possible. So you can easily build an oasis of peace in the open air that invites you to linger, especially in summer.

Just follow our 4 tips when setting up and it will be really cozy on your terrace.

Setting up a terrace - 4 tips

Tip 1 - choose the right seating:

The best garden furniture for the terrace can be found in stores, especially the online trade offers numerous ideas for beautifying the terrace. The seating options are particularly important. Which version is best suited for your terrace depends on how big your terrace is and how many people use it regularly.


If the area is very small, the furniture must not be too bulky or wide. For very small areas, e.g. Garden furniture made of rattan or delicate iron frames is best suited. They do not take up a lot of space, are easy to move and look elegant.

If more space is available, you can also opt for rustic seating made of wood or plastic. Wooden furniture is usually a little more expensive and requires more maintenance (care tips), but it is much nicer to look at.

Tip 2 - set up a relaxation corner:

But not only tables and chairs are an important element on the terrace. There should be enough lounging space on the terrace for reading or taking a nap. It is best to simply set up a small relaxation corner on the terrace.

The best garden furniture for the terrace, where you can relax wonderfully, are e.g. Loungers that are adjustable at the head end and foot end. With a good cushion, it can be used for many hours.

A beach chair that can be placed on the terrace offers memories of the last vacation on the beach. These rustic seats and loungers, which are usually made of wicker, not only offer space for reading or resting, but also provide protection from the sun, wind or rain thanks to their roofing. The best garden furniture for the terrace thus ensures a perfect stay outdoors.

Tip 3 - protection from sun and heat:

Without sun protection, it can not be long outside, especially in midsummer. That is why a parasol belongs to every seating group. Umbrellas are easy to set up, they stand in a stand made of plastic or cast iron, and their angle of inclination can be adjusted. However, such umbrellas are quickly in the way, the risk of tripping is not insignificant.

Umbrellas that swing freely over the table are safer and more elegant. They are installed hanging on a support, which is located on the wall of the house or on the edge of the terrace. A sun sail or an awning that is stretched over the terrace are further good protection options against strong sunlight.

Additional tip:

A parasol looks particularly elegant if it matches the color of the upholstery of the seating set.

Tip 4 - grill:

No summer is perfect without a barbecue. The best garden furniture for the terrace therefore includes a grill. There are also numerous variants here. For example, a metal grill that you can fold up and put in the corner after use is easy to set up.

If you grill often, then you are better served with a fixed or brick grill. It is best to build this on a not so busy corner on the terrace. So he is available to you at any time. Basically, grilling is not an art in itself, but as a beginner, you should seek advice from specialist retailers as to which model is particularly suitable for you.

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